What I Believe

1. I believe that people should be entitled to believe what they want. Despite being an atheist, I would not wish to enforce all people to give up belief in God. As far as I’m concerned you can believe what you like, however, if you make your views known in a public arena, and I disagree with them, I reserve the right to criticise them, and I would not deny you the right to criticise my views in a similar fashion. This is the essence of free speech.

2. I strongly oppose those who use their beliefs as justification to harm, oppress or kill others.

3. I believe that science is the best method for determining whether something is true or not. If a belief is unscientific, or beyond the bounds of what we can observe and measure – then there is no reason to hold that belief. Belief with certainty, and without empirical evidence is inherently dishonest.

4. I believe that you should never discriminate against someone based upon their age, sex, race, religion, sexuality and so forth. Discrimination is never justified. A person should be criticised on the merits (or lack thereof) of their individual beliefs, people themselves should never be personally attacked because of their views, especially if the attack is discriminatory.

5.  I believe that though individual humans are not all equal in their attributes, skills and weaknesses etc, they should all be granted equal rights under the law.

6. I believe that whilst people should not be denied the right to practice which ever religion they chose, all religions should – for the benefit of all society – be barred from influencing government policy, or achieving privileged status.

7. Creationism is not science and it never will be science. I believe that to teach creationism in a science classroom as though it is equally as valid as the theory of evolution should be against the law, and any teacher who does so should be sacked. There is no controversy to teach. Creationism itself should not be banned from schools, it should be part of the religious education syllabus, and not taught as fact, for the simple reason that it demonstrably is not fact.

8. I believe that we should all invest effort in looking after the planet, there is no other planet we can go to. If we continue down the path we are on, there will be no long term future for humanity.

9. I believe that many of the problems in society could be addressed by improving the education system.

10. I believe that we seriously need to get beyond our ‘us vs them’ attitude and work together to build a world where we can all live peacefully together, in the realisation that we are all one species, that our differences are superficial and that our current modes of behaviour are incredibly destructive. Humans are capable of greatness, we are able to map the depths of the cosmos and understand the fundamental components of reality – these are the attributes we need to encourage, rather than our animal instincts to consume, reproduce and destroy our competitors.


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