Is Theology a Legitimate Field of Expertise?

I am an expert on the nature of unicorns. I’ve studied Unicornology for at least 13 minutes… Did you know that unicorns really don’t like heterosexuals? If a straight person goes near a unicorn it will immediately rear up on it’s hind legs and attempt to crush them beneath it’s hooves with great wrath and vigour. They also like Rick Astley records and their favourite past time is surfing on rainbows and hunting leprechauns with special traps. Unicorns do not exist within the universe, they exist outside of space and time and they are therefore eternal, it is they who decide all that is right and wrong and it is they who created our cosmos. If you don’t listen to Rick Astley on a daily basis and engage in homosexual relationships the unicorns will lock you in a cupboard with Robin Williams forever…

I am of course not really an expert in unicorns, I just made all that shit up, but I have a question; what is the difference between me claiming to be an expert in the nature of unicorns, and a theologian claiming to be an expert in the nature of God?

Lets face it theology is about as legitimate a field of expertise as ‘unicornology’.


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