If God was a human

Imagine you’re at a dinner party and one of the guests drunkenly rises to their feet and announces “I want you all to bow down and worship me! I’m the only one worthy of your worship, if you refuse to worship me or you worship someone else then I shall take great pleasure in torturing and killing you.” Would you immediately bow down at their feet in adoration? I would hazard a guess that you would not. Why not? Because this person has done absolutely nothing worthy of adoration. All they’ve done is made demands and threats – behaviour which if displayed in our fellow humans is viewed as repulsive and arrogant. Okay so this hypothetical dinner party scenario is quite unlikely, but it’s to demonstrate a point; why should we worship a God who demands and threatens those very same things? We would rightly find it repugnant behaviour on the part of our drunken guest, why not apply that standard to God?


I shall list some characteristics, ask yourself if you would venerate a human being who possessed them. Vengeful, jealous, genocidal, wrathful, misogynistic, homophobic, racist, unjust, slavery endorsing, child killer. The God of the Bible is all of these things and more. I’m sure you’d agree that a human being possessing of those characteristics would be shunned rather than adored. Why is it then that God is worthy of adoration?


Because he sent down his only son to die for our sins is undoubtedly the objection I would get. But what sin? Someone stealing some fruit a long time before I was born? Why is that my problem? Why couldn’t God just forgive us without requiring his son to be tortured and killed? Again go back to the dinner party guest, would you respect him if he could only agree to forgive you after sacrificing his child, and you subsequently believing that child was sacrificed for you? I certainly wouldn’t, I respect people who can forgive you without some kind of prior arrangement, especially not a violent one.


If God was a human all of us would be repulsed and disgusted by his behaviour. He would be viewed as a dangerous and vile maniac, like a combination of Charles Manson and Adolf Hiter.



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7 responses to “If God was a human

  1. If God is so magnificent, he can create life, and help all of mankind. Maybe he should magic himself up a pair of legs come visit and see what people really think of him after a day or two.

    • I find it amusing how Christians will sit and thank God for giving them food to eat every mealtime when during the time that they eat it children die of starvation or lack of clean water all over the world. I’m sure those people beg for something to eat every day too… Why doesn’t God answer them? Either he doesn’t give a shit, or he simply isn’t there.

  2. Well the Bible does say that slavery is okay…

  3. Ah I see. Thank you for pointing that out πŸ™‚

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