Answering Creationism 3: “Noah’s Flood Actually Happened”

There are many creationists that posit an alternative take upon geology and the fossil record. This is not due to some legitimate reservations about the current prevailing theories, and the data that supports them, rather it is because of an extremely literal interpretation of the Bible, which states that God flooded the whole world. To them this is the absolute truth, and therefore any theory that contradicts this story is automatically deemed to be false, regardless of the evidence in it’s favour.


It really doesn’t take much critical analysis to deem that the flood hypothesis is utterly wrong on all levels. In Genesis 7 verses 1 to 4 it states that Noah was given 7 days to gather together the animals before the flood. Even with modern technology it would take far more than 7 days to collect representatives from the millions of land dwelling species that inhabit the globe. Even if you were generous and missed out several thousand species, this would still be a task that would require travelling to every continent on Earth. It’s simply not possible to achieve such a feat in such a short length of time, even if you had an aeroplane and a team of experts.


Some might object and make unsupported claims that when Noah gathered together the animals they all lived in the same geographical location. There is no evidence that this ever was the case, however, and in fact we know that it could never be so. The environment simply would not allow for it. Animals exploit certain ecological niches, such as grazing on grass – you cannot have a large number of grazing animals in one area, the competition would drive many species to extinction, and this would be true of all the ecological niches. The reason that we have so many different types of animals that all exploit the same niche is because their distribution allows it. If you put them all together in the same location for any great length of time, a huge percentage of species would die out.


Then comes the question of exactly how you go about fitting millions of creatures in an ark with a length of 450 ft, a width of 75 ft and a height of 45 ft. How do you feed them? Waking up to feed all the animals on a farm would be an arduous task, but what about feeding millions? By the time you had fed them all once, the first lot would be hungry again. The very idea that such an event might have happened defies all reason and logic.


Supposing that we grant that Noah could gather all these animals together in 7 days, and fit them in the ark, and manage to keep them all alive for 40 days and nights, what would happen when he unloaded the ark? Firstly it is not unreasonable to assume that much of the plant life on Earth would be destroyed in such a catastrophe, which would have an effect upon the food chain. Then how do you stop all the lions from eating all of the zebras as soon as they are released? The predators between them could wipe out a vast proportion of species in a very short time, and it is unlikely that life on our planet would be half as diverse as it is, if the flood had actually occurred. The flood hypothesis also fails to explain the current geographical locations of species. It requires us to believe that all marsupials decided to head straight for Australia after departing the ark without leaving a single trace of their kind anywhere else. The flood story is just a myth, and one can only take it literally if one suspends all logic and reasoning skills. Its not unlikely or implausible, it’s utterly impossible that the flood myth could ever be true.


There are some however, that claim geology supports the flood hypothesis. They will often claim that the geological strata can be explained, not in terms of having been laid down over millions of years, but that they were laid down in the flood. The trouble is that strata would not form in the way that we see them during a flood, despite the creationists claims. If we were to take different mineral deposits and mix them up in water to recreate the flood conditions, they would not settle into clearly defined strata, but more of a gradient pattern. Creationists are also powerless to explain the fossil record, and the order that fossils appear within the strata. Some have made claims that the cleverer creatures such as mammals made a run for higher ground, whilst the less intelligent (trilobites etc) remained on the lower ground, thus explaining why they are only found in the lower strata. If this were the case then we would expect to see it reflected in the order of fossils throughout the geological strata. The thing is statistically speaking at least some more intelligent creatures would be caught out and trapped on lower ground, and at least some trilobites would appear higher up. This is not what we find, the fossils all appear in the order we would expect according to evolution. Geology hints at billions of years of history, and certainly does not support the flood hypothesis. The flood is a myth, and there is no way it could ever have been otherwise.


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